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With a growing family, our 1880’s farmhouse was feeling a bit cramped and looking a little tired. My wife and I knew we wanted to accomplish a number of objectives with our addition and renovation like creating additional space while opening up current space, lengthening sight lines, improving functionality, and providing more natural light while retaining the charm and character of our vernacular home – all within a budget. TC2 was able to provide these design services and greatly exceeded our expectations; Tom is great to work with! Our children loved him, and he was meticulous, yet approachable and timely throughout the design process. Our extensive renovation included re-positioning the stairs and chimney, replacing the porch and roof, eliminating parts of the attic to add height to interior ceilings, installing an HVAC system, and adding windows. We also added an additional room and majorly renovated a bathroom. Tom did a fantastic job, and we unreservedly recommend TC2!

 ~ MB


Very easy to schedule with. Open to ideas and knowledgeable on code and sizes. Will redraw the plans as many times as you need. Laid back with payment dates and overall great outlook and personality.

~ Brian M.


This is our first time designing or building a home, and we continue to thank our lucky stars that an area general contractor, who has worked with Tom on a number of projects, recommended him to us. We gave Tom the detailed sketch that we, as total amateurs, had lovingly drawn up, and asked him to turn our imaginings into practical, working drawings. He answered our questions, made suggestions, educated us about the building process, and then he produced the drawings with skill, imagination, accuracy, and promptness. But what was most remarkable about Tom was the engaged way he LISTENED to us as we explained how we wanted the spaces to work. Each time he returned a modified set of drawings to us, we marveled at how carefully he had listened. We would find there all the changes we had spoken about, down to the tiniest detail. If there was a deviation on the plans from what we had imagined, he would be the one to point it out and explain, drawing on his skill and experience, why he thought the space would work better with that change. We have no doubt that, beyond taking justifiable pride in his work as a professional, Tom really WANTS us to be happy in our new home. Tom Crouthamel is not only a professional; he’s a CARING professional. It has been a rare pleasure to know and work with him.

~ Madlyn


Tom did an outstanding job designing our retirement home. Tom took the time to understand my style, answer all my question and I incorporate all my feedback. Tom was able to provide feasible alternatives and suggestions throughout the design process. Tom was always responsive to my requests and truly designed my dream house. I would recommend highly recommend to anyone looking for professional architectural services.

~ Karen K


We met Tom Crouthamel of TC2 Design through Jamie Wayland, owner of O’Jennings Home Builders after Jamie had been strongly recommended to us. At the time we were in the earliest stages of looking for a designer and builder for our new home near Madison, VA. Jamie brought Tom along for the initial site visit, the only designer and builder that we consulted that did so. We subsequently hired Tom to design our home, telling him that our primary goal was a home with all living area on one level and with aging in place as the overarching goal, and with a defined budget. While the home has not yet been built, as of this writing (summer ’15), the design drawings are complete, and Tom has met every request in a most timely, professional manner only after carefully listening to our wishes. He maintained excellent communications throughout the entire design process, and has indicated a complete willingness to remain available throughout the construction process which we hope to begin in Spring ’16.

 ~ Rob & Leanne


Tom of TC2 Design..Helped us design, pick out a builder, and build our dream home..Tom provided wonderful ideas and took our magazine cutouts and made them a reality . I would have to say the end result exceeded our expectations. The building process is over whelming to those who have never tackled this kind of project but Tom worked through each phase and made the whole experience very stress free and enjoyable for myself and my wife. I would be honored to recommend Tom to any potential.

~ Richard


Tom was able to listen to our ideas and design our project exactly how we were intending it to turn out. We were very pleased and plan to use him again on future projects for us. I would recommend Tom to anyone looking for a true professional. He was a pleasure to work with.

~ Dean R


TC 2 Design was easy to work with and gave us what we were looking for in designing our new home.

~ M. Winkler


My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Tom from TC 2 Design a few years ago while planning for the build of our new 7,000 square foot home we had designed. Tom was recommended to us by our builder after we had expressed frustration with the architectural firm we had originally hired to develop our building plans. We very much enjoyed working with Tom. Tom was highly knowledgeable and provided many structural and electronical insights to include in our plans. He was accessible and timely throughout the whole process. We would highly recommend TC 2 Design.

~ Grace G.


Tom did a great job in helping me get what i want when I was building a house and design a floor plan. Would recommend him to anyone!

~ D & C


Following retirement, my wife and I began planning our dream home on acreage near Charlottesville, Virginia. After researching a number of local architects in the area, we were fortunate to meet Tom Crouthamel of TC2Design, Inc., whose portfolio included projects that led us to believe he shared our interest in “new old homes” that honor time-proven construction techniques and materials, while accommodating modern open space interior design.

Throughout the process Tom proved to be a true partner in working with us to design a home resembling a traditional early Virginia brick farm house that incorporates many construction elements we had collected over the years. From help in sitting the house and selecting a quality contractor to on-going support during construction and interior design, Tom made what is often a traumatic experience a pleasurable one, and one that fully realizes our dream home in Virginia.

We admire Tom for his knowledge and appreciation of historical design, but most of all, his patience and creativity in meeting the special design requirements and ideas of clients.

~ Michael A.


Tom Crouthamel has been a rock. We have had an ongoing discussion as to what and how much to do to our vacation house. We loved the location but the house was getting a bit long in the tooth. In any case, over the three years as we considered how much to do (everything from doing minor updates to scraping it and starting anew) Tom patiently provided ideas, drawings and advice. What we ended up doing a major addition and significant curb appeal upgrades. We are very happy with how Tom helped us expand our living space and upgrade both the interior and exterior of the house in a cost-effective way. We expanded and enclosed a screened in porch and put a master bath and closet under it, reconfigured the master bedroom and opened up our entry way. We also added a porch and exterior stone. Throughout the construction Tom made himself available to the contractor to explain his idea or answer questions. Our confidence in him was such that we felt very secure in not being there while the upgrades were going on. He is most trustworthy and understanding and does not hesitate to tell you when he thinks you are not going to like the results of any particular idea. I promise good results when Tom is in the loop.

~ Lee M.


Tom’s design work is very good and his understanding of residential construction is better than most in his field who I’ve worked with. He is even keeled and good to work with for all involved.

~ Baird S.


Tom did a great job customizing my floor plans and coming up with helpful and creative ideas to make my home beautiful and functional. His knowledge and experience in the building and architectural field made it easy to make changes and have the confidence that they would look as good in real life as they did on paper. As a builder and homeowner I would highly recommend TC 2 design to anyone interested in building a one of a kind home.

~ Charlie H.


TC2 Design/Tom Crouthamel helped us design our retirement dream home. We first came to Tom with a vacant lot hosting a stunning mountain view seeking only a few specific requirements – design a primarily one-level home and accommodate optimal access to enjoy the view. Tom listened and delivered – we are now owners of a spectacular home far exceeding our expectations. The house is situated so we can see the mountains from all our primary living spaces – kitchen through master bedroom. The house was also designed from scratch with no pre-existing floor plan and contains many unique characteristics such as beamed ceilings, a wood-paneled English style library, several pocket doors, and a breezeway and cupola outsize. Tom was wonderful to work with – patient and methodical showing a clear understanding of best methodologies for incorporating design and functional elements. His work was always on time and he worked closely with us to keep us within our budget. Once building began, he and the builder frequently collaborated on issues to ensure best results. We absolutely love our house. No need to take our word for it, however. We consistently receive glowing comments from our neighbors, contractors, and others who have seen or were involved in building the house. Thank You Tom!

~ Peggy H.


My wife and I wanted our retirement home to blend in with the wooded mountain property we purchased outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. After giving Tom our basic specs and a couple of conversations he designed a beautiful mountain home which we have enjoyed for 10 years. A few years ago Tom designed a “cottage” woodworking shop which blends perfectly with our home. Recently, Tom designed a Gallery building for our local Historical Society matching the existing buildings’ historical architectural. In all of these experiences, Tom’s comfortable and sensitive approach to his craft made everything very pleasant. We never had a complaint from our builder about his plans and specifications. All told, a wonderful experience for all.

~ Joe F. 


I have worked with Tom @ TC2 Design on several projects. One quite large and extensive and the results have always been fantastic. Tom is very easy to work with, has a wide range of knowledge of historic and modern architectural styles and also a complete knowledge of construction. He makes the design and construction process a pleasure and the final result is outstanding.

~ Andy


I have been working with Tom Crouthamel on our home design for about 5 years. We designed the project in two phases starting with a carriage house that would become a guest house. The idea was to live in the carriage house while we built the main house, which is what we are doing now. The main house is nearing completion. Tom has been wonderful from the start. He is a talented designer as well as a genuinely nice person. Unlike many architects Tom never lets his ego get in the way. He is a team player. I wish I had enough positive words to say about TC2 Design.

~ Elizabeth